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Saturday, March 8, 2008

I got sunshine...

Things are looking up for me and the herd right now!

I've got two very beautiful holland babies in the nestbox, at least two very obviously pregnant does, I've sold most of the animals I wanted to (still the lionheads left- they have interest, I just haven't been to shows; a black holland buck that is very nice; and a rew wooly buck).

In short, I'm happy! It's been a little while since I've been very happy with my rabbits. I'm not ecstatic- nope, not until the juniors grow up, wean, and get to be shown (hopefully to outstanding comments- we can dream, can't we?) Not until my does feel the need to breed when I want them to, without going on a vacation to my friend Malena's house. But I'm getting there :).

Our rat babies opened their eyes. They are so adorable, it has me wishing I could speed time forward to see Muffet's babies open their eyes- NOW!

I'm such an impatient person, it always amazes me that I enjoy breeding rabbits, considering all the patience it takes. You've got to get the rabbits, breed them, wait for a litter (which can sometimes takes forever), wait for the babies to reach showable age, show them, wait for them to reach seniorhood to breed them or continue showing for the last leg before breeding, try them with a buck or doe who may not compliment them- rinse, repeat.

It's ok though, maybe the rabbits are teaching me patience over the things I can't control. I'll still threaten to poke the does that go late with litters, but knowing it's not going to help- that's the real accomplishment :).

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