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Friday, February 22, 2008

Why Do I Blog?

Why do I blog? I spend a fair amount of time creating entries, trying to figure out new and interesting topics

I also spend a good bit of time responding to emails about blogs and talking to folks at shows who enjoy it.

So- why do I write them at all?

As you might have noticed- I've got opinions :). I enjoy expressing them and a blog is a perfect place to let loose on anything I've been thinking about or that bothers me.

I've also been breeding rabbits for a few years. I'm an obsessive person sometimes and when I decide to do something, I research it to the nines. When I got my first pet rabbit as a semi-adult ( I was in college, you can't call me a full adult ;)- I was still fun!), I also purchased "Rabbits for Dummies" which I read and reread. I joined rabbit forums and asked questions. I still remember the first time I was able to answer a "real question" on a forum, before someone else did. It made me feel so good!

I've acquired so much knowledge from other breeders and I continue to learn! I enjoy sharing this knowledge with all of you- and I hope you guys enjoy maybe learning something new, or seeing a different point of view- or just being nosy and seeing what's happening here on any given day :).

As always, I invite you to leave comments or drop me an email! Let me know if you disagree, agree or are wondering what my opinion is on something :).

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