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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I forgot-

I had a really exciting topic to write about today- I found myself thinking about it in the shower and while I was brushing me teeth- then we had to leave to go do errands and drive halfway across the state. Now that I'm here, at my computer, I'll be durned if I can figure out what it was I wanted to talk about! :( Don't you just hate that? I'm so ashamed, it was going to be so good!

I guess I'll have to do boring updates and hope tomorrow I can remember what I wanted to say :(.

We picked up our barn cat! HOORAY! Tim jokingly suggested calling her d-CON. If she were a boy, I'm ashamed to say I'd have jumped right on that idea! Right now, she's outside getting used to the area. I'm happy to say she didn't succeed in eating Brandi's bird! HOORAY! :).

Rogers Judas is now officially sold.

I updated my website with puppy pictures on the For Sale page! Go oooh and ahhh over them, they are so adorable! NO, bad Kristen, don't need to keep a related puppy!

It's official, we'll soon be home to an entirely new breed of rabbit! I'm so very excited!

I'm hoping to write a blog soon about culling the herd, evaluating babies, condensing lines, linebreeding etc. Hopefully I'll get that written up soon! I wanted to go on and tell you guys about it now though, in case I forget ;).

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