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Monday, February 4, 2008

More Exciting news!

Wow, this week has been full of exciting happenings at Keep's Rabbitry!

Thanks to the tireless searching of my friend Brandi at BL's Bunny Barn, we're going to be welcoming a BARN CAT! Hooray!

This gal is currently nameless, so please feel free to make suggestions. She's a white cat with green eyes and I know Brandi was worried about her mousing prowess when she called me. After the cat fished a dwarf hamster out of it's cage and tried to eat it, then took up residence under her bird's cage, we no longer have to worry about it's predatory instinct! HOORAY AGAIN!

I'm going tomorrow to pick up this cat, as well as look at a few Holland does and some new cages and supplies!

Plans are also in the works to bring a new side-breed to Keep's Rabbitry! I'm keeping the breed hush-hush right now because nothing is set, I'm still discussing things with Tim. It would definitely be no more than 5 holes devoted to the breed, but I've always wanted this kind of rabbit :).

My lionheads are still for sale, all my sale Holland does are spoken for and I've gotten an inquiry on Judas.

I think I'm finally coming to the end of my herd reduction! HOORAY again! I will have a broken senior mini lop buck available at the next show :).

We've decided not to attend the Sanford show on February 16th. I do have a transport for sale bunnies to the show though. I may have another holland lop buck for sale soon, as I have found myself somewhat buck heavy. So please email me if you want to be kept advised of that.

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