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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Agouti Jersey Wooley Her Buck For Sale

GC. Hare's 5H1- aka Chesterfield- Chestnut Jersey wooley buck. Mostly Yia and Hares in the lines, also has some Brian's and LSR. Carries for REW (big shocker there, I know!).

This rabbit has won legs on BOTH COASTS. He comes with 5 physical legs in addition to the 3 it took to grand him. I've also lost some of the ones he's won for me *blush*. Not that it really matters, since he already has his GC, but I can only prove he has won 8, though I recall winning at least 3 with him and can only find 1 of those.

Proven, he is going to live on here through his son, daughter and his grandson.

Can get him to Wooley Nationals in Dalton, GA.

I will discount him slightly if I pre-sell him for Nationals. I do have PayPal.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would buy him, but I live in Idaho.....