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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Exciting Breedings

Wow, I actually have some does bred!

With the help of my wonderful, wonderful friends Malena & Marlee Hamilton, I'm now expecting some babies!

I'm expecting a litter of hollands from my Broken Sable Point buck Zapp and Miss Muffet- it should be a GREAT breeding, producing some killer babies.

My smoke pearl wooley doe Gorgeous has been bred back to her daddy, Smooth Mover.

My chestnut Chaos has been bred to Hamilton's Camo, an adorable chestnut buck. Hopefully we can finally get some live babies out of Chaos!

I was also able to breed another wooley, Arabella, to Smooth Mover! EEK

These new breedings, as well as a mini lop breeding, should put me back in business! I just hope everyone takes!

The most exciting news to me is that Zapp managed to catch his first doe! Let's hope he's locked in on the idea now and will continue his studliness in future breeding attempts! ;).

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