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Friday, February 15, 2008

Thought for the Day- Litter Sizes

As a general rule, larger rabbits give you larger litters.


Yes- I know they are bigger- but the babies are bigger too. Follow me on this one.

A 3lb rabbit would be more likely to be prey because it's so small- it packs less of a punch, smaller hunters can take them down- I mean, personally, I'd like to see a hawk go after a french lop. Can you imagine it trying to carry off a 12lb rabbit?

So, because the 3lb rabbit is more likely to be seen as prey by a larger number of animals. Therefore, you'd think it would produce larger litters to better ensure the continuation of the breed. Six babies gives the genes a better chance of making it to reproduction age than does a litter of three.

So- why don't Holland lops give us litters of 11, while Mini lops give us a litter half that size?

Ahh well, feeling goofy. These are the things I wonder about while trying not to murder people at Walmart.

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