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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rabbit People.

I know I talk a fair amount about the bad apples in rabbit breeders- the terrible judges, cheaters, bad sports, etc, etc, etc.

I wanted to take a minute to just say- I love 95% of the rabbit breeding community. Show them a decent person who needs help, who is hurting- who's having health, family or money trouble. Then stand back.

It's truly amazing how a group of such diverse people will band together so quickly and so willingly to give advice, hugs and help, whether it be money, labor or a sympathetic ear.

I've seen several times on Rabbit Habbit the community band together to help people they've never met in person.

I see at shows cards being written out to people who need kind words, asking for group wide prayers- everything under the sun. And I love it.

Rabbit people- be good to them and they'll always be the best to you. I love all of you guys.

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Tabitha said...

Luv ya too!!!! :) lol

Anonymous said...

So obviously being on the otherside of the country you aren't someone I'll be showing a long side anytime soon, but I'd sure like to! I love your positive attitude!

Buckskin Bunny CR