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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Least Favorite Rabbit Task

I used to think cleaning pans was my least favorite rabbit chore. All that dumping, hauling, spraying, laying down shavings, scrubbing cages. Ugh, it's not fun.

Then I got woolies. I decided caring for their baby coats was my least favorite task. It's so easy for them to get matty, they bounce off each other- it can be a mess if you don't keep on top of it!

Then the woolies went through their first molts. I was back to cleaning pans as my least favorite task. Molting wooled rabbits are nasty lol. They blow fur everywhere, it gets stuck on the wire, they pee on it- ick! For some reason, only some of them are like that though! I have a few that are very clean.

Today, I hit on another least favorite task and it may be the one that causes me the most frustration.

I hate taking posed pictures of my rabbits. The mini lops look long, the hollands hug the table, the woolies just look a mess. I promise, I'm the only person who could take the ARBA BIS winner and make it look like crud in a picture.

I recently did a trade with a friend- when she got her buck, she was amazed! Why? Because he was so much nicer in person! My picture had been downplaying his beauty, which may be why no one snatched him up at his bargain price!

*sigh* I had hoped to have pictures to show you guys today. Unfortunately, every rabbit I pulled out of the barn was a Grade A pain in the butt. So I'll see if any turned out semi-decently, but don't expect much.

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