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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Forgive Me-

Forgive me, this is going to be an off topic blog. It's a rant though, so that's always entertaining, right?

I wanted to update everyone on our car trouble-as some of you know, Tim's car couldn't pass inspection and a diagnostic was run on it. We discovered that two of the cylinders were misfiring so it probably needed a tune up.

We took it to Anderson Dodge in Waynesville, NC. They made us let them run another diagnostic on it which was "free" if you "let them fix it". Well, THEY informed us that the head gasket was messed up and it would cost $2000 to fix it. We told them no, and they tried to strong arm us in to trading it in at their establishment. NO!

We got it fixed by a mechanic in Tim's home town. Total damage? $25. That's because Tim handed him $25 and refused to let him hand it back.

What was wrong you ask? A THIRD diagnostic agreed with the first one- it was a cylinder misfire. Problem? A fouled spark plug.

These foul, disgusting people at ANDERSON DODGE IN WAYNESVILLE thought that because we were young, we were stupid. So, they decided that we needed $2000 worth of work done- because of a "leaky" or "blown" head gasket. It changed from when they called us to when we picked up the car. Despite the lack of "milky" looking oil, the lack of smoke from the tail pipe and the lack of any kind of evidence based on two other diagnostics run- the first of which we told them about when we requested the tune up.

They also decided we needed our water pump and timing belt replaced- when we didn't because both have at least 20,000 miles left on them and this is a rarely driven car.

I can't wait to take the car in Monday and have it inspected. When it passes, I'm going BACK to Anderson Dodge to demand our $85 refund on the diagnostic test they forced us to run, when they misdiagnosed our car and tried to screw us. Oh yes, we had to pay $85 for the "free diagnostic' because they said our car needed $2,000 of work done on it- to change a spark plug.

I positively can't WAIT to contact the Better Business Bureau.

I have promised to let everyone know all about Anderson Dodge. So please, feel VERY free to pass this on to anyone and everyone you can think of, and I do apologize for being off topic and if you get this in duplicate in an email.

And now- here's a bunny with a pancake on it's head!

Keep's Rabbitry

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