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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Today in the Rabbitry

We had a lady wanting bunny poop for a garden come out today. I must say, dumping those sterilite tubs was rewarding- and extremely foul. Because the hanging cages empty in to them, they don't get cleaned nearly as often and there was a high quality soil being created in there. Blah! Ahh well, they'll start filling the cages up again!

I'm happy to report we saw Misha, the barn cat, kill her first mouse! Well, it's the first mouse we've seen her take out anyway. Hooray for her! She's been just amazing to have.

We've got a new rabbit for sale-

This is an older picture of him as a barely senior

Keep's Elm- Self Sr Buck- REW- JW
Elm is my baby. Unfortunately I have his parents, his sister and a son out of him! Time to move him on. Really cute *little* buck, great to downsize those big honkin brood does. Out of Wooligans Aspen & Hare's Chester. Proven & managed to even throw better than himself. Won BOSG at 2 months old. -$35

I've also got a sold black holland buck that is available. He's got almost no stray whites and is a 9 month old who goes back to Rumfelts and Leprechauns. I'm selling him cheap to move him out as I'm very buck heavy right now. Pictures will be posted later.

Both these animals can be taken to the Sanford show! :)

Keep's Rabbitry

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