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Monday, October 1, 2007

Rabbit Terms for Newbies

Some of the terms rabbit folks use can be confusing, especially to a newbie to rabbit ownership!

Buck: Boy
Doe: Girl

Junior: Under 6 months of age
Senior: Over 6 months of age

BOB: Best of Breed. The best rabbit of that breed.
BOSB: Also written as BOS. Best Opposite Sex of Breed. If BOB is a buck, this will be a doe and vice versa.

BOV: Best of Variety. In Mini Lops and Hollands, varieties are divided in to Broken and Solid. Each one will have a BOV and will be able to compete for BOB & BOSB.
BOSV: Best Opposite Sex of Variety. Like BOSB on a smaller scale. Each variety will have a BOSV and will be able to compete for BOB & BOSB.

BOG: Best of Group (see BOV for explanation)
BOSG: Best Opposite Sex of Group (See BOSV for explanation)

Groups: In certain breeds, (Netherland Dwarves & Jersey Woolies for example), colors are shown in groups. Agouti, AOV, Broken, Self, Shaded, Tan- in that order.

Leg (or GC Leg)- GC legs are won for classes with 5 rabbits or more (and 3 exhibitors or more), for BOB, BOS, BOV, BOSV, BIS or RIS.

GC- Grand Champion. Has 3 more more GC legs and is registered.

DQ: Disqualified/Disqualification

Registered: Has official paperwork with the ARBA. Any rabbit can be registered, as long as it is DQ free.

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