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Friday, October 26, 2007

Bunny Obsessed

I've heard from so many new folks who started off with just one bunny- whether it is pet store or one they bought as a pet, who look at me and say "I must be crazy! I bought one, now I have five! Or ten, or twenty, you know how bunnies are :).

I always respond with- you think you're crazy? We had ten in the living room of Tim's apartment when we started breeding! Or I tell my favorite story-

We had just gotten married and had flown to Disney World for our Honeymoon. We got back on a Friday, and were up at 6:30am the next morning...you guessed it, to go to a bunny show! (We did well too! Got a leg on one of the rabbits we bred (and a BOSB!), and the other juniors all took 2nd in their class :) ).

I've had friends who were sick as dogs trying to stagger outside in the rain (pneumonia anyone?) to check over condition to see who should be entered on Saturday, we've driven 4 1/2 hours for an 8am show (yeah- do that math on that one real quick!), I've gotten HOME from a show at 6 am, and I can remember getting up multiple times during the night to nurse a sick doe back to health. The stories go on and on.


Because it's fun!

We're planning the trip to Kentucky already. A 5 day trip just for bunnies! I did have to promise Tim at least one day of sightseeing, but I'd like to do a little KY visiting outside of a Convention Center myself. I've started saving my spare change, hunting for roommates for the hotel (which I've already chosen!) and working on what will happen to the creatures we have while we're gone.

Maybe we can get some friendly church folks to take care of the rabbits for us, and spread the bunny love around! :)

Keep watch Saturday or Sunday for show results!

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