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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rabbitry Updates

Yesterday, my lovely REW jersey wooley doe Aspen graced us with 2 beautiful, healthy REW babies. Unfortunately, she also had 2 DOAs (Dead On Arrival), but these things happen sometimes, and I'm so happy to have the two we do. She was bred back to her son, who is a beautiful creature, so I'm expecting great things from these little ones! Of course, I'm hoping for a buck and a doe- cover the spectrum, ya know :).

Today, our first time (and only) Lionhead doe gave birth to one DOA baby. I had completely forgotten it was her first time, being very hopeful for a nice large litter. Ah well, these things happen! She did have her baby in her nest, and she pulled a small amount of fur, so I have reason to expect she'll do great next go round! I'm sure Tiny Thomas won't mind having a date.

Keep's Dawn went to her new home today! I'm still not sure I sold the right sister, but her new owner is thrilled with her! I'm happy to have that cage open now, though it won't be open for long!

Tomorrow, if we have an opportunity, Tim & I are planning on sterilizing 3 new cages we got, as well as cleaning some that are already set up. Unfortunately, due to a death in the church, several surgeries and a death sentence given (pancreatic cancer), he's running himself (and me) ragged, and we've just not had an opportunity! Thankfully they got a super cleaning not too long ago!

We've set traps to take care of the mouse that has started haunting the barn. Hopefully he'll be our one and only, but at the store today we noticed four other people looking at various traps and poisons, so I'm thinking this is only the beginning!

Our next show will be the Shelby NC show on October 27th. Email me if you need the catalog! This will be a collection of specialty shows, with a single All Other Breed Show at the end :).

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