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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shelby- the Sequel

Okie dokie, so at this point, Zapp and the little orange buck have been thrown off the table. Joni was worried about her little doe out of Samson, who is actually working her way through the uglies. THE DOE PLACED 2ND! :) Yayyy for Joni lol, glad someone got good results :)!

While the hollands were judging, we hear the call for Mini Lops, in the All Other Breeds show! (That always happens lol!) When we trundle our cart over that way, we get the surprising news that because it's not sanctioned, we're going to show all bucks at the same time. Yeah, no juniors/seniors/broken/solids. Just slap them all up there. Ok.........

Well, I have no idea how my broken buck would have placed. The judge pretty much pulled them out of the cage, then put them back in. No posing, no nothing. Just arbitrarily picked one, then said "put up the does".

I was not pleased, nor were the other exhibitors. We didn't even get comments! Where was our $2.50 opinion?!

So we have to put the does up, he at least posed them this go 'round, and one of the guys running the show suggested that perhaps we would like comments on them (yeah, and placings would have been nice!), so we at least got comments this time. Again, no idea how Basheba and Queen would have placed, he just went down the line.

Best Doe- my broken GT Steel, Kris. Whaaaaaaaaaat? lol That was a total shocker, I decided to bring her last minute to help round out the "classes". Literally, I told Tim "ahh, throw Kris in there too, maybe we can get her in the mood to breed if we take her to the show". Turns out that was a good idea! I actually had forgotten she was on the table, I had gone back to the hollands! Oops. Good thing Tim was paying attention.

Trent, one of the other mini lop breeders, walks by and says "Your broken doe won BOB."

Shocked, I rather loudly says "You're KIDDING.........YOU'RE KIDDING!" Caused a few breeders to look at me strangely, I can tell you that. Oh well, if they knew me, they'd still look at me strangely :).

I'm in shock at this point, Kris has an amazing body but her head does leave much to be desired, and honestly, I'd have picked Basheba or Queen over her any day as a better balanced animal.

A little while later I hear "Mini Lop, BIS", and I throw my head up, see a bunch of folks standing at another table and go running over to Tim saying "They need Kris, where is she?!". He looks up bewildered from his book to say "I left her there, he told me to leave her at that table!"

At this point- a suspicion is starting to grow in my mind...I run over to the table where people are watching me, my friend Nita included, and as I approach, the same guy who suggested we'd like comments looks at me and says "Mini Lop takes Best in Show".

My jaw drops, and pretty much the only thing I can say, to the amusement of all, is "Whaaaa? What?" It was total shock. Tim had run up behind me, thankfully, because I'm in a daze holding a trophy and probably would have forgotten the rabbit.

Kris, without us knowing it was even judging, had won Best in Show for the All Other Breed show. The best of the non-sanctioned breeds, and would be competing in the "Grand Champion of the Day" show- where all BOB winners went up against each other for BIS.

She didn't take Grand Champion of the day, but honestly, there were so many nice rabbits (despite the fact half of them left because it was 5pm and we'd been there since 8am) I REALLY would have keeled over from shock if she had won.

I know some of you are thinking we have shows set up strangely here, but I want to tell you this is the first time I've ever been to an all specialty show, and it was definitely weird!

We've also decided to start our own Mini Lop Club here in NC, so NEVER AGAIN will Mini Lops be unsanctioned at a show. Trent tried his best to get other breeders to come up and to get a club to sanction the show, but it didn't happen. So, keep your eyes out for information on the Super Awesome Mini Lop Club of NC that we'll be putting together :).

*whew* So after all that, Tim dragged me to a concert that started at 9pm, we got home around 12:15am, unwound until 1am, then collapsed. I got to play hooky from church, which lead to sleeping until almost noon, and here I am, recording events of yesterday for you! :)

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