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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It never fails. Ever. Show entries are due tomorrow. And it never fails.

I go out with Malena to my rabbitry today, to show her a few of the animals. Gorgeous, the smoke pearl junior wooly doe who is, to be honest, gorgeous- is starting a molt. Her wool cap looks not good to say the least. Oh joy.

Then Malena looks at Spectacular funny- sure enough, the holland brood doe next to him has been chewing on his wool. Guess he'll have to stay home too.

Another doe I have that just turned senior I've decided to use as a brood only. That leaves me with- yep- zero woolies to show. *sigh* I could probably find one or two does to pull in a pinch, but my best show prospects are looking TERRIBLE!

The mini lops look fabulous- and of course, they only have a single show. Great. At least I'll have three or four of them to show. Gah.

And the hollands....yes...the hollands. I've got two of them in show condition. My bucks still need some polish, and most of my does are broody or out of condition.

*sigh* I just can't catch a break!

Oh well, we'll go to the show to have a good time and hope for better condition for the Taylorsville show on the 10th.

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