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Saturday, October 20, 2007

On with our lives!

Well, convention is over now until next year. Already, folks are making their Kentucky reservations and planning breedings for show animals. We must be crazy! There were over 23,000 rabbits shown in Michigan- whoa.

I have a mini lop doe (first timer) due today who is showing no desire to nest. I've got a holland lop and Jersey Wooly due tomorrow who've already worked on their nests, and a 4th doe (also a Jersey Wooly) due the day after who has played in her hay a little, but not done much else. Wish us luck for babies.

The first litter of Jersey Woolies we had this Fall are starting to want to leave the nestbox! One "has an eyeball" as we say, and they are so cute! This is a mother/son breeding, so I'm very interested to see how they develop.

One of my brood does has had all her face fur chewed off by the holland buck next to her- she's truly frightening to look at. I'll have to get a picture soon to post, though I warn you not to eat anything at least an hour before you see her!

The Shelby show is this weekend! I'm very excited, one of my newfound rabbit friends is going to be showing in her first show, with one of her very own juniors! I'll be bringing two hollands, a handful of jersey woolies, and maybe three or four mini lops. It will be a more relaxing show for us hopefully, since we'll be showing relatively few animals.

I also need to get on my painted pumpkin entry! I haven't decided if I want to try to dress a wooly up for halloween- they hate it in general, and I'll have to see how much time and creativity I have to put towards making an entry.

I'm pretty sure Tim and I will not be participating in the breeder costume contest- I always manage to get some kind of rabbit nastiness on me and I'd hate to ruin a costume :). I can't wait to see the participants though!

And in a rare non-rabbit-related moment... Roxy, my AKC mini dachshund female is FINALLY in heat again! :) Wish us luck that in another few months, we'll have some little rotten Bear/Roxy pups born!

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