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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shelby Show

Wow. I'm exhausted and the night is still young (so young in fact, we have a concert to go to in just a few hours!)

To begin with, let me say THANK YOU so much to everyone who complimented this blog, or who picked on me about it being updated so sporadically! You really don't know how good it makes me feel to know you guys enjoy it! :)

Wow, what a roller coaster of a day, seriously.

It started at 5:33 am, when I hear "Uh, baby, we need to get up...I think I didn't set the alarm right". I'll say, we were supposed to meet Malena in Asheville at 5:45 to caravan in together! Great start.

So, we bust butts throwing rabbits in carriers, loading up the car and leave at exactly 5:59 am- and all in all, we still arrived at Shelby in plenty of time- in fact, we were only a few minutes behind Malena, who thankfully called at one of the few moments I was in the house, racing around like a mad woman! :)

We set up our areas, and straight off the bat I sell two woolies, one of whom was one of my keepers until recently (Keep's Spoof). There was actually quite the que for woolies, and I ended up selling a really cute tan pattern doe to a friend- she was my favorite of the trio of does I had!

After a semi-frustrating checkin, in which Tim had to go get change so I could pay for entries, and Janet and I had to follow Lisa Young around to figure out who was doing the AOB (All Other Breeds) show. *whew* So yay, with that all taken care of, I was able to sit back and enjoy talking.

I got to see a blast from the past- The Nature Trail's Samson who I miss, and regret selling after seeing how that booger has grown up!! He couldn't have gone to a better owner though, and I think he's helping her herd more than he contributed to mine. That is- if her placing of 2nd broken junior doe (Samson Daughter) in Show B said anything :). But, I get ahead of myself.

In this show, I only had a pair of hollands and a handful of mini lops to show. It was an odd speciality-only show, which I did NOT enjoy, to be perfectly honest. Holland Specialty was called, and we had a heartattack, because though I put Miss Muffet on the table, her ear number was never called! WHAT?

Fearing the worst, I ran through the does on the table, to discover "Miss Muffet" was actually Fendi! I'd put the wrong doe up! Unfortunately, the writers didn't say anything, I would have greatly appreciated someone saying "Wait! That ear number doesn't appear on the list", rather than sticking her placing on any ole rabbit. But, whatever. So, I wasted my $4 entry on that doe! Fendi is definitely not in show condition right now lol.

Next up was Lil Bit Farms Zapp, my new broken sable point buck who I was SO excited to show! He did so well, placing 2nd in his class to- of all things.....a broken orange buck! WHO says colors can't place?! That little orange buck had a magnificent body, for all Janice (his breeder) said he was "cute".

My painted pumpkin missed the pumpkin contest, because it was riding around in the car with Tim on his quest to get food. Chalk another one up to bad luck.

Muffett did terribly in the second show (yes, it really was her!), and surprisingly enough, so did Zapp and the orange buck who won his class in the first show!! Yes, Mr. 1 & Mr. 2 happened to be Mr. 1 & Mr. 2 again- straight off the table! I definitely did not agree with the placings, but as we say SO many times- it's just the judge's opinion we pay for. The first judge actually is a top Fuzzy Lop breeder, winning and judging nationally- so ah well. :) I guess we just have to pick who's opinion we want to believe for this show!

Ooo, my turn to jump into the shower! I'll have to tell all about the mini lops in another post!

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