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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Preparation for babies

We've got 4 does due in the next few days, which is very exciting. Two are woolies, one is a lionhead and one is a holland- and for all but one of the woolies, these will be the first litters I've gotten out of these animals.

We made sure all the nestboxes were clean. A few had collected a few spiderwebs , so those were knocked out- luckily the spiders weren't at home.

Then, I stuffed all the boxes full of hay- making sure to remove any thorns or weeds. With the drought in this part of the country, most of us have to take what we can get as far as hay goes. The does also got a large handful of free hay, to play with and move around as they see fit.

I made sure everyone was in a good birthing cage- no sprayers or aggressive rabbits housed nearby that may disturb mama's preparations.

I checked my trusty baggy of clean fur from the molters/false pregnancy does that I've been collecting. It's all clean and ready to line nests, should one of the does be stingy when it comes to pulling fur.

I have the dates marked on the calendar- I'll start looking for babies tomorrow, in case one of the does goes 2 days early, then we'll seriously begin keeping an eye out Saturday, since it isn't unheard of for the does to give birth a day before their due date. With luck though, no one will go early, and on Sunday and then again a few days later, we'll go out to see a beautiful nest full of healthy wigglers. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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