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Monday, October 15, 2007

Convention Result Updates!

*All Results are from members posting on Rabbit Habbit, unless otherwise noted*

For Mini Lops (Open)

BOB- Richelle Hellpap
BOS- Kersting & Pancast
BOSV- Kassi Sieber- SJD

For Mini Rex (Open)

Tiffane Astle - BOB- Black doe
Berlena Reynolds - BOV & BOSV- BEW
Berlena Reynolds - BOV-Himi
Holly Scrimshaw - BOV-Red

For Californian (Youth) -

Ashlee Jones - BOB Californian with 6/8 buck

For English Lops (Open): (as posted on Showbunny Yahoo Group)

Debbie Ernst took BOB and BOS and BEST DISPLAY

For Fuzzy Lops (Open): (Thanks Katie!)

SSB Brian Hartzel
SSD Leslie Hobbs
SJB Leslie Hobbs
SJD Brian Hartzel


BSB-Leslie Hobbs
BSD-Dawn Guth
BJB-Brian Hartzel
BJD-Paula Grady

For Fuzzy Lops (Youth)
BOB - Sarah Hardy - Broken Doe

For Holland Lops (Open) (From Laurie Stroupe's Blog):

Solid Senior Buck - Tracy Lukeman/Jenna Buchenauer - BOB
Solid Senior Doe - Jennifer Poprawski
Solid Junior Buck - Tiffany Schwandt
Solid Junior Doe - Ardis Hartwig & Tim Waddell - BOS
Broken Senior Buck - Jennifer Poprawski
Broken Senior Doe - Laurie Stroupe - BOSG
Broken Junior Buck - Roman Kulesza - BOG
Broken Junior Doe - Bonnie Norton

If you have any more results, let me know! :)

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