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Friday, October 12, 2007

The First Lionhead LEG!!

I got a surprise when I got my show results from the Greensboro, NC show back in September. There it was, nestled between Joe's upteenth leg and Basheba's first- a leg for Tiny Thomas, who won BOB in his first lionhead show.

Confused I looked at Tim and held it up, saying "What is this? Lionheads aren't accepted, they don't get legs!"

Rushing off to Rabbit Habbit Forums, I hurriedly typed out a question "I got a lionhead leg! Why?!", wondering if perhaps this was a standard thing. Several folks were quick to giggle along with me though, as they all had the same answer "No! Lionheads don't get legs yet".

Donna from Canada suggesting I frame it as the first lionhead leg.

I think I will!

Show secretaries are amazing people- they put up with so much from the folks entering the show and do so much work for a show they won't even have time to enjoy. Apparently our secretary for Greensboro was so overwhelmed, she forgot Lionheads aren't a recognized breed, so aren't eligible to get legs! :) I want to thank her though, if she ever reads this, for a great laugh!

This leg is going up on the wall, in a place of honor with the other trophies and ribbons we've won. Here's to hoping that in the next few years, lionheads will be accepted as the newest breed, and legs on a lionhead won't be a joke anymore :).

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