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Saturday, September 29, 2007


The American Rabbit Breeders Association, or "ARBA" (yes, I'll just say R-bah...I'm lazy ;) ).

Why should we join? You don't have to be a member to show, breed, or sell rabbits.

The most important reason (in my humble opinion) is that in order to Grand a rabbit (make it a grand champion after it earns 3 legs), your rabbit must be registered. It can't be registered unless you are a member in good standing (you haven't let that membership lapse!) of ARBA. It feels good to say "Grand Champion Keep's Super Fly", instead of "Keep's Super Fly...oh he has enough legs to grand, I haven't because I'm not an ARBA member, so I can't register him." If that rabbit at 2 years old loses a nail, or gets a malocclusion from chewing on wire, you can't register him! So then, he'll never be a GC, even if you do sell him to someone who IS a member. (This is why most folks also recommend registering as soon as they hit 6 months old if possible!)

I enjoy letting people know that I am a member of an official organization. On my website, I proudly let folks know we're registered ARBA members. I've been told by pet buyers in the past that this is a comfort to them (prior to contacting me) because it indicates a seriousness about the rabbits- it let them know I was knowledgeable and cared about what I was doing (their words).

When you join, you also receive a subscription to the rabbit magazine "Domestic Rabbits". I love this magazine! It lets you in on updates from your district, plans that may be in the works, and has great articles on rabbit care, origin, etc. This alone helps me justify the small cost of ARBA membership.

You get other perks- like the Official Guidebook To Raising Better Rabbits they send you and the ARBA Yearbook.

Really, it's up to you. You can support the big club that is supposed to be there to help protect the breeders from the crazies who want animals to be extinct, or given their own apartments with social security and human servants (my cats and dogs have that already- *sigh*), etc. etc. You can take advantage of the perks and benefits that are set up to make the entire rabbit experience more pleasurable. I'd highly recommend joining, if you haven't already. :)

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