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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Reasons to sell rabbits

I know one or two people get suspicious when someone is selling a nice rabbit for a less than exorbitant price. The question "What's wrong with it?" usually jumps to mind.

For your consideration, here are a few reasons you might be able to get a very nice animal, for cheaper!

Cage Space
I know I'm guilty of giving away or petting out very nice brood quality animals because of a sheer lack of cage space. You'll rarely see me giving away a show quality animal, but I've been known to do some extremely slashed prices, and I'll always cut a deal on multiples purchased, even when the prices are already low. This is because I'd rather sell the rabbit than have to take it home where I don't have room for it (maybe a daughter or son replaced it) and have to continue to feed it when I need that hole.

I know several breeders that try to sell their does by 2 1/2- young enough they can still produce, but old enough they've probably left a lasting legacy in the barn. This can be a great way to get lines or quality, but pay a discounted price, because the doe IS 2 1/2 already.

Replacement Buck or Doe
I know I've got an adorable black tort doe for sale right now who produced herself out of a job in her first litter! I know, I know...but she did, so now I'm selling her just to make room! (Hey I didn't say there couldn't be multiple reasons all at once!). This is a common practice- if you have something better, why not move Daddy or Mama out? Even if to you and me, the animal looks perfect! There may also be a brother or sister that they simply like better.

An existing fault in the line
ALL rabbits have faults! If I need better crowns and everything else is as I want it, I'm not going to keep a rabbit with a bad crown, now am I? Especially if it's just as bad or worse than on the animals I already have that are proven for me and I can predict what their offspring look like. Nope, this rabbit with the amazing body that you need will end up in the for sale pile simply because I don't want to add more slipped crowns- while you can fix that slipped crown with the amazing ones you have on your rabbits. These rabbits may be a little more expensive than most of the others, simply because if age or space isn't an issue, this is your regular for sale rabbit :).

Doesn't work with current stock
I've had this one happen. Oh yeah, nothing is more disappointing then putting out the big bucks to get a beautiful buck, to bring in more lines, and have it just not work! Heartbreaking! And usually, out of frustration you put the rabbit up for sale because you can't use him! I will even lower the price below what I paid, just hoping he goes quickly, because he's a beautiful reminder of a failed experiment :(.

I try to tell folks- don't buy on price, buy on quality. Yes, that buck if he's as nice as you think he is should be $150. Maybe the person doesn't feel like charging an arm and a leg. Maybe they are trying to help someone else out. Maybe they just need him gone quickly! Don't over look a beautiful rabbit simply because you're suspicious of the price. And that's my lesson of the day :)

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