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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Silly Bunnies!

I've got a few rabbits that are crazy. I mean this in a crazy-ha-ha way, not a crazy-*insert-cuckoo-noises-here*-way.

When Scout was my house bunny (before he started driving Tim nuts), I could let him out of his cage and run hide beside the couch. I'd call "Scout-y-poo" and he'd run around until he found me. I'd pet him, then go "hide" under the table in the dining room, call him, and here he came again! We always had the best time playing hide-n-go seek!

One oddity that Scout had, was every night at Midnight on the dot, he'd TEAR around the living room as fast as he could go 2 or 3 times, then flop over and rest in the middle of the floor. Every night. We have no idea why, or how he knew what time it was!

It cracks me up to think of Scout as a house bunny. Tim & I are both diehard UNC-Chapel Hill fans, and during a particularly upsetting basketball game, we'd smack the floor in frustration and get an echoing thump from Scout. I like to think he's a Tar Heel too. One memorable game, during 2005 when we won the national championship, things were looking bad. We were on the road to the Final Four, down with a few minutes left in the second half- I was having a heartattack, thinking my Tar Heels were about to blow it. I was laying belly down on the floor, when suddenly Scout LEAPS on to my back and settles down for a nice nap! I tried my best not to disturb his royal highness, in the face of watching a possible defeat, which turned in to a very exciting comeback! This meant no whooping, hollering, floor pounding, or anything. As soon as the game ended, Scout woke up and ran off- maybe it was his way of telling me I was disturbing him earlier?

I've got a few Hollands that like to play a practical joke that I refer to as "Ha Ha, I'm dead". They lay flopped out in their cages, on their side, breathing so shallowly you can't see a rise or fall in their sides. Blowing on them produces no movement, but if you stick a hand in the cage, JUMP! They are right up, giving you the stink eye. That's guaranteed to cause a pounding heart, shortness of breath, and sometimes bloody arms when I scrape them on the wire when I start. Thanks guys for that one.

The Woolies and Minis crack me up with their "jingly balls". Chester in particular has a nice wire cat toy with a small jingle bell inside it. I can't tell you how many times I've gone outside to feed that I find his plastic bowl floating in his water crock, the ball inside the food bowl. That's when he isn't pitching it through the J feeder hole in his cage, to land in Funky's hay rack below!

One of Chester's son's inherited his sense of humor. I can literally play soccer with this silly little guy. I use my hand to bat the ball to him, he picks it up and throws it back to me, back & forth we go!

Bunnies are the little clowns of the rabbit world. Give them something to pick up and throw around, stand back, and watch the fun!

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