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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Greensboro NC Show Results

I'm going to give you the abridged version, since the entire set of results can be seen here.

Keep's Basheba, solid junior mini lop doe, made me proud when she earned her first leg, a BOB in Show A!

Roy's Tiny Thomas kicked butt as the lionhead (tortoise) BOB in Show A & C.

Velotta's Joe brought home a BOV (I'm sorry for the diet Joe, we'll work on getting you back in shape!)

Keep's Spectacular- shaded jersey wooly buck- won BOSG in Show C! He also lost by hair in Show B (for his class), and that was only because he's such a baby! *love*

Keep's Gorgeous- won her class every time! 1/2 :).

I got GREAT comments on some of my babies! We took a large number of 2nd & 3rd places!

I also managed to sell several rabbits! Yes, we must say goodbye to Dega, Dream, LL & Floppy, they are off to wonderful new homes across the state :).

We are, of course, exhausted! We left around 8 am Friday morning and arrived in Elon, where we hung out with my dad. Saturday morning saw us up at 6:30 and heading to the show! We set up, and I tattooed (my first time doing tattoos for other people!), groomed and of course chatted with friends.

Then the Show A started- I wrote for half the show for Roger Bustle, until Jersey Woolies came up, then Tim took over for the rest of the show- all told, we wrote for all of Show A & B! I ended up writing for mini lops, which I enjoy because I can get a good look at the rabbits :). I also got to write for Californians- fascinating! Roger is a great judge and very friendly- he makes it fun to help him out.

We were flat out exhausted by Show C, but I'd made some new friends (who are starting out in Nethies and Mini Lops). By the last show, the room and cleared a lot, and I wish we hadn't stuck around for it- it was 11 pm before we got home Saturday! Plus we had to feed and put everyone up!

I'm so tired today I have a feeling I'm not going to be good for anything- but oh well, I had a blast! I'll have to get a picture up of our BOB winner & the nifty apron we won thanks to her :)

Keep's Rabbitry

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