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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mtn State Fair

"2" Was most definitely the number of the day! We met Malena too early, so our 2-car caravan rolled in to McDonalds. Marlee, Brendan & Tim chowed down while I talked about a mile a minute. After killing a little time there, we get to the Fair, and set up in these moveable metal goat pens- it was awesome. No one ended up right on top of you, you could watch all your things, wonderful!! We played teacher to some youth kids just starting, while Tim clipped rabbit toenails.

We got to see Fayth Young's little hound puppy- the cutest thing I've ever seen!

After a late start, we finally get in to showing- unfortunately the "2s" started up-

Keep's Ashe- Self (rew) jr JW, placed...yep...second. Good news is, she lost to an Erb baby, and it had a spectacular little body. The judge LOVED Ashe though, I think she might have won if her wool cap hadn't molted out.

Wooligans Arabella- Shaded Sr (today) JW- 2nd out of 2. She's going to be going in to the breeding program :).

Holland Lops:

Nature Trail's Miss Muffet- SSD-care to take a guess? Anyone? 2nd. *sigh* lost on flesh condition! Darn it, I was hoping she'd get her 2nd leg.

Keep's Flippa- SJD-........2nd lol.

Keep's Floppa (I had no names, get off my back :-p)- 3rd. But she was the 2nd of the 2 does I took lol. She's going to be available for sale as a brood doe, $30. *wink wink*

Mini Lops- doesn't even bear telling about, because there were only....2 exhibitors. Me & Tim. So yay for us, we won BOB & BOSB >.<

However, It was nice that a Keep's rabbit (Keep's Eve) won the BOB, not one of the ones we purchased! So that was pleasant.

I also brought home 2 lionheads. Don't ask- I completely blame Nita. And of course, they are torts lol.

I gave out- 2 business cards.

High point of my day? A lady who I sold a bunny to for her son (ML, he showed in youth) told me the judge said, and I quote "This doe is the closest I've ever seen to the true standard of perfection. She's beautiful".

So that lady's son won BOB with her and she told me she'd let me know how the doe does when it comes to the BIS judging, because we left early.

I'm also waiting to hear how Ashe's sister Maple did for Marlee in youth- when I was there, the judge LOVED her body, but of course, I had clipped Maple's wool because she was all matty, and she's about to get her sr coat. So Marlee, if that uneven wool in the back keeps Maple from winning, I'm SO sorry! lol

I'm exhausted, we got up at 5:30 this morning- but I've got to try to straighten the house a little, we have a mini lop buyer coming in from Atlanta, Georgia! :)

Keep's Rabbitry

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