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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Murphy's Law of Rabbits

Well, my entries for the Greensboro show are in, a whopping hour before they were due! I'm so pleased with myself!

We're showing one lionhead, six mini lops and three jersey woolies. NONE of the hollands are in coat- the bucks are finishing molts, and any showable does are just starting theirs! DOH! Not to mention four very promising junior jersey woolies are molting out their baby coats. Don't get me wrong, this is exciting, but bad timing guys!

Murphy's Law of Rabbits:

*The babies you want to live the most will die.
*A GC doe will be the hardest to breed, have the fewest babies, and have the worst temper.
*A rabbit will always blow it's coat after you've sent in your entries.
*A rabbit in a molt will always come out of it after your entries were due.
*The color you want the most will never show up in the nestbox- even if there is a 50% chance you'll get it.
*When you want a doe, you're only gonna get buck babies.
*When you want a buck, you're only gonna get doe babies.
*That rabbit that couldn't buy a leg when you owned it will grand for the person you sold it to at an extremely discounted price.
*Likewise, the doe you couldn't get babies out of will have litters of 6+ for the person you solid her to at a discounted price.

Gotta love them!
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