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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Winning Isn't Everything!

I have a couple email buddies- folks I've never met, but email me from time to time, usually to ask questions or just share show stories. I love it.

One recently emailed me on the verge of a sell out. She's frustrated because some of her rabbits that she feels SHOULD win, don't, or she sees some that she thinks shouldn't win that do. I think it's mostly the second part, because she does well at shows from what I know.

It's important to remember- winning isn't everything. Any rabbit, on any day can win. If we knew who would or should win going in to it, why would any of us bother to show up? We'd just say "Mail me my trophy, send me my leg, I'm staying in bed!"

I've won before when I didn't think my rabbit was the best on the table. Sometimes one will beat another of mine and I would have sworn Rabbit B was the better animal. Other times, I don't understand why a rabbit I LOVE the judge seems to hate. It is gonna happen. We pay the judges for a $3.50 opinion and theirs isn't necessarily more valid than yours. In fact- a judge told me after judging Keep's Bahama that I should rethink my shaded program. It's the same doe that won BOG at PaSRBA and won BOSG Nationals weekend. So. There ya have it.

Just remember- rabbits have off days, judges have off days and of course- the judge gets to feel every rabbit on the table. Sometimes a rabbit that doesn't look like much from the other side of the table will shock you when you get your hands on it :).

I've been on the "Didn't win the top prize" streaks more often than the "won every show!" ones. Be confident in your breeding program and look at it as a challenge! I LIKE that I'm competing against rabbits that beat mine as often as I beat them. It makes me cull harder, breed harder and not take it for granted.

Everyone at the top of the Sweeps list has been beaten by someone, had judges not like their rabbits, had setbacks. Just roll with the punches, breed what YOU like and keep in mind- it's FUN. :)

Sometimes, all we need is a little pep talk :D.

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April said...

This is so true, I'm glad you posted it.

Gwen said...

At the Idaho State RBA convention last month, my best doe was placed second in a class of two. The owner of the best of breed animal said that his rabbit was non-pedigreed from a pet store.

The next day the SAME judge placed my best doe BOB and 2nd runner up in show. Strange huh?

The first show was at the end of the day and the last breed. The second day JWs were one of the first. Funny how things like that work out.