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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Not a lot is going on in the rabbitry right now- my last doe hasn't kindled yet and doesn't seem to be pregnant.

I am planning on worming the entire rabbitry either tomorrow or Monday.

We're still working on the rabbitry issue. I'm thinking I may go with a prebuilt building. My thoughts are- it will be moveable, and my dad lives only 30 minutes away from this current appointment, so if it's too expensive to move when we eventually move again, I can give it to him or sell it to someone I know in my hometown.

I'm still subject to change my mind though, who knows :). We move very soon though, it would be fantastic to have a building already set up when we get there, or have it set up within a day of our arrival.

The baby bunnies are all doing great! One of my broken x broken holland lop babies is a solid! That tickles me to death, just because it's so unexpected. These guys have beautiful patterns, I can not WAIT to see their type in a few weeks!

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