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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gonna miss Him

We have a wild bunny visitor. EVERY night, he comes to the rabbitry and sniffs around. I don't know if he actually goes in to visit ( I leave the door cracked in the summer when it's hot) or not, but it's so funny- no matter when we go out after dusk, he's there. Hiding near one of the cars. Over near the garden. Right in front of the rabbitry.

I'm going to miss him when we move. It's so cute to see him visiting and we've become so used to seeing him around. Too bad there isn't a safe way we could bring him with us and set him back loose, just so we can continue to "interact."

Ahh well, I hope he lives a long, safe life here and he doesn't miss the domestics too much. I'm sure he probably goes inside the rabbitry and shakes his little bunny booty and says "Nah nah nah nah nah nah... I'm not in a caaaage."

To which my rabbits reply "We're not in daaaanger of being eeeeaaattteeeeen."

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1 comment:

Whitney said...

That is adorable! I hope he lives a long happy life too. Perhaps your bunnies spill some feed out of their bowls for him as a treat!