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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I don't stud rabbits

I know some folks do- but I just don't.

It's really for several reasons. What if the doe doesn't take? Is it a situation where you breed until she takes, or a one time "take your chance?" What if an unscrupulous person says the rabbit didn't take and fosters off the litter to get a second breeding for free?

What if the person pays a large stud fee and gets only one baby? That's hardly the buck's fault or my fault, but is the person that paid for the stud going to be upset? Likewise, what if that baby dies before weaning? Should they get a free breeding or do you consider that the buck gave a litter and that's it?

What if the doe isn't healthy? You could bring all manner of things from snuffles to VD in to the herd, thanks to one sick doe.

Who's prefix goes on the litter? Some don't WANT it on the litter, some do, some think it should be split. Then there is the buyer's preference. After all, they are paying for the services of the buck- but should they be given an chance to voice their opinions?

What if the litter is born with DQs, such as unshowable colors or white spots? It may not be the buck's fault at all, but an angry doe owner may not want to admit the doe could have contributed to the problem and could start rumors about your herd. The same situation may happen if the quality of the kit(s) isn't what is expected. After all, genetics is a roll of the dice.

It just seems to me like setting up studding is a lot of work for very little benefit. If you want to stud your animals, I urge you to set up a very complete contract, taking in to account some of the questions I've brought up. I'd also get it signed and dated by the person interested in studding, showing that they fully understand what is going on. Likewise, if you are interested in getting a stud for your doe, you should ask questions about what happens in case of a small litter or no litter.

It never hurts to be prepared and can save you a lot of worry and heartache by knowing what you're getting in to.

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Gwen said...

I have only studded to close friends or people I know well and trust. All of the times, it was a $15 fee and guaranteed live babies (although it was 3 strikes and with taking) Luckily, we had success with the babies.

We made it whoever owns the doe plants the prefix (since the doe owner pays the fee)