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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aww Dang it!

I was playing with the babies today- we had a few escapees that were running around the cages with Mama. I've never understood what drives babies that don't even have their eyes open to leap from the nestbox.

Anyway, as I was playing with Fiona's three fatties, I pulled out the two brokens to show Tim their gorgeous "freckle" pattern, when I noticed one has no nose marking!

Dang it! I hate finding unshowable babies. It leaves me with a problem. Do I keep it and have an unshowable animal, but who could be a great potential brood? Do I sell it, regardless of type? Do I pet it out because it's unshowable?

It's definitely something to think about- luckily the babies aren't even 2 weeks old yet, so I have plenty of time to decide what to do.

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April said...

For me it depends on my available cages. Most of the time I would sell the rabbit either as a brood potential or pet, unless it is outstanding.