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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bunny Barn

I think I've chosen my bunny barn! It's portable, but a good deal more expensive than I originally was hoping for. However, I'm trying to justify it by saying at least we can take it with us wherever we go, or I can haul it to my dad's property not too far away.

Buying is way cheaper than trying to rent an area. What hurts is that the interest on the Rent to Own is 21.6%. Yeah, OUCH. As I told Tim though- we can buy it outright or use our personal credit card that is only at 5% interest.

I hope to have it here no later than a week and a half from now. Then I want to torch the cages (which are all freshly scrubbed) and put down some heavy plastic on the floor to help protect it. Then we'll move everyone in!

I can finally use my Rabbitry sign without fear it's going to get filthy due to the terrible workmanship of that last rabbitry. The last one let in spiders like crazy and half the floor was plain dirt. You have to work with the cards you're dealt, but I'm so thrilled to be out of there and on my way to a great rabbitry :).

I plan on keeping carriers stored in the garage, along with both grooming tables and my judging coop. I'll probably keep my hay in the garage as well, to have maximum room for the rabbits.

I'm also looking at getting an air conditioner and keeping it on 80 or so, just to knock the heat off the day for the bunnies. Since I'm having the building wired, I'm excited to get in there and do all my little fun projects I've been wanting to do for years- I can put light timers in, the AC, special lights...

YAY for new bunny barns!

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April said...

Congratulations on finding a barn! It sounds really nice. I'm jealous. :)

Gwen said...

Yay! How big is your building in square ft?

Crystal said...

This is something we might need to do but probably smaller than what you have. Where did you get it from? and what Gwen said.

Keep said...

Our barn is going to be 10 x 180- so 180 square feet. It's a Dutch Barn :)