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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

MORE babies

This is incredible- we have more babies to report!

WWR's Rice Ball, a broken blue tort doe, kindled 3 this morning. The black one is sadly a peanut, and she's got two "pinkies", which knowing the buck's history, are AOVs or broken AOVs. *sigh* I have the worst luck as far as colors.

Keep's Fiona, a seal doe, has started nesting like crazy. She was pretty ambivalent towards her nest- one minute she'd play in the hay, the next minute she's ignore it. She seems to have settled on "maybe I should have babies in this thing", so I'm hopeful she'll have babies by tonight!

Keep's Josie, a broken blue tort holland, is ignoring her nest completely. Today is her due date though, so it's possible she'll go late. It's her first breeding, so she may not have taken.

Keep's Amelia, a sable point holland, has made a gorgeous hollow in her hay. She hasn't really pulled fur. I didn't have Amelia written down as being bred, which concerns me. I'm not sure if she's just getting in on the fun of the other does and is having a false, or if I just didn't write it down. The good news is I only have two holland bucks right now, so I know exactly who she was bred to IF she actually kindles. The only reason she has a box right now is a small hunk of fur I found on the floor of her cage. I figured better safe than sorry!

It's incredible- I was just saying in Taylorsville how hard it's been to get babies lately, and suddenly I'm over run! Admittedly though, most of those babies are hollands. While I enjoy the hollands, I'd much rather have 6 wooly babies in a litter :). Maybe the shaded girls will pick up production- I've got several of them bred for next week!

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April said...

Feel free to share your luck at getting babies!

Keep said...

lol I'd love to!! You know how hard it is for me to get babies the rest of the year though, I've got to take advantage of this once a year boom! :D