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Monday, June 14, 2010

Hot, Hot, HOT!

Record temperatures have swept North Carolina. It's is miserably hot. I've got all the doors and windows open in the rabbitry and everyone seems to be coping pretty well so far. I don't have a lot of frozen water bottles available because of the move, but I may put some tiles in the freezer to give out later.

You've got to be careful when it gets hot- it doesn't take long for a rabbit to die of heat stroke. Check for heavy breathing, wetness around the nose, or diarrhea as signs the heat is getting the best of them.

I like to cut down my wooly broods animals during the summer. Removing some of that wool really helps keep them cooler I think and since they aren't exposed to direct sunlight, they don't need it as much to protect their skin from the sun.

It's also SUPER important to make sure your animals have water and PLENTY of it. I actually just went out and refilled a few bottles- mostly does with litters who have upped their water intake.

Poor bunnies, I know it's miserable out there. I spent 20 minutes outside and felt like I needed to come in and collapse on an ice block!

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