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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm up entirely too early for a bunny sale.

Ok, ok, so the poor guy coming to pick up the bunny is also a non-morning person. I've also only been up since 8:15, he had to get up much early then that. Still, I can grump if I wanna, it's my blog.

One of Rory's sons is going to a new home today. He's a well put together little thing. I can see a LOT of potential in him, but I can see a few worries too. He's a little big and his ears are a little long. Then again, with a dad who tops the scales under 3 lbs and a mom who isn't much over it, he's going to be a genetic freak of nature if he goes overweight.

Anyway, it's just a pre-sale "mind ramble" of mine. No matter how nice an animal is (remember Keep's Zephrim? He took a BOB recently), I always worry about disappointing the buyer.

I know others feel this way too, because we've talked about it (:D).

So, this is what I do- 100% honesty about the animal. I think EVERYONE should be this way anyway, but I tend to go above and beyond. I've had folks tell me NOT to list every fault the animal has "because it's the buyer's responsibility to ask."

Nope, not with me. If I think they need more HQ, I'm gonna tell you. If the ears are long for my taste, that comes out too. If I don't tell you about something, it's because I truly didn't notice it, or it's a recent development (like ears growing overnight...I swear it happens! Curse you uglies).

Ahh well, I'd rather be too honest and have it cut in to my sales, than to not be honest enough and have to live with that guilt (not to mention reputation!)

By the way- the new owner seems thrilled with his bunny :)

Keep's Rabbitry

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Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...


Breeders like you are going extinct. But I thank God for bringing most of them into my life. I think WWF really should setup a big fund for honest people. We really need conservation at that end. LOL!

I am sure every breeder have what they want in mind when they look at bunnies. Just know that not all rabbit owners judge their rabbits that hard.

And there is the love at first sight factor too.

Glad you place your bunnies in good homes.