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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So hard to get good pictures

I tried to take some pictures today, to put on the website. It's so hard to get good shots of Woolies.

This is Keep's Epiphany. She's a beautiful, sweet little doe that has the instincts of a total ham.

She's VERY quick to move as the camera is taking shots. She's got her own idea of her good side, and what people want to see in photos.

For some reason, standing up right as the photo snaps equals 100 points in the bunny game of "Ruin the Picture!" I don't know WHY they think this is a good look. It could have possibly been that the dogs were playing in the distance and she was fascinated. Could have been she was enjoying the wind blowing in her face. No telling.

Finally, after 15 other pictures that look like those others, we get this one- a POSED SHOT! I'm thrilled, my hand isn't even in it.

But wait...she's a junior. I'm just going to have to repeat this ALL over again soon to get an adult picture.


Keep's Rabbitry

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