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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I really, really want to win a BIS or BRIS with a homebred animal.

Really, really bad.

I've taken RIS with a mini lop I traded for, BIS with a doe I picked out at 8 weeks old (she was a senior when she won), BIS with a mini lop I got as a young junior and BIS recently with Rory, the Holland Lop I purchased from Melanie because she loves me.

I've done my fair share of winning "the big prize". Never with a homebred, though I'm getting closer, I think.

I'd also really like to take BOB with a homebred doe. I think I tend to retire my girls too quickly once they hit senior. I'm of the opinion that I'd rather have babies than wins, but I've got a really promising little girl out there now...if things fall right, maybe I'll hold off on breeding her immediately and see how she does as a primed senior on the table.

I'm so thrilled with my current herd- the woolies are all looking great, the holland juniors are making me excited for the breed again, and I can't wait to see how the belgian babies shape up!

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LilBitFarms said...

I do loves you :)

Keep said...

:D I'm so darn squishy and loveable :lol: