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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flystrike and Fly Control

It's rained here nearly every day this month- hard, daily long, downpours. There is fungus growing in nearly every yard.

So what's happening? The flies are breeding at a dismaying rate. The trays are dirtier than usual because it's hard to clean them in the pelting rain, when the yard is half flooded.

Consequently, I've lost two baby rabbits in two days. Both got severe diarrhea for no reason (they were given hay and had no food changes. The food has been kept clean and dry, and siblings were fine).

I discovered the first animal with fly eggs on her bottom. I did the best I could to wash her off and pick off the eggs, but I could feel she was already fading fast, whether from dehydration, enteritis, or from effects from the fly.

Today, while I was at work, Tim found another baby, different age, different litter, with a poopy butt- also with what he believed to be fly eggs on her bottom. She was in a completely clean cage- it had been dumped and cleaned yesterday. He followed my idea from the day before and put Ivomec directly on the bottom, hoping to destroy the eggs. She also passed away.

I was talking to Joni from Lyle Creek Rabbitry about it and she suggested something I hadn't considered- Sevin dust. A powder used to keep bugs off plants and to kill fleas on larger animals, what if it WOULD work to help with fly strike?

Better yet, what if a thin dusting on a slightly dirty pan would help kill the flies?

I'm definitely running out to the store tomorrow to get some of it and try spreading it around. This abnormally wet year (both spring and summer wise....fall isn't shaping up any better either) is not working wonders for the herd. All we can do is keep on trying and hope we can find something to help us destroy the plague.

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