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Monday, September 21, 2009

Wow it's been a while

It's been a while since I've posted!

We headed down to the Greensboro Triple Show this past weekend. It was great, because I'd talked my friends Melanie and LeAnne in to coming from Oklahoma and Kelsey came down from Maryland. Plus, the usual suspects were there as well.

We had a GREAT show, with Mel and LeAnne picking up a BOSB in hollands against amazingly tough competition. Pete and Brandi took BOB and BOSB in the first show in woolies, while Joni took BOSB in the second and I took BOB- with another BOB in the third show (yay Tryon!). I was pretty pleased with my results, considering the coat conditions were awful! I hope they get better by October's show, but with the constant rain, I'm doubting it! >.<

Melanie and LeAnne came back to the house with us and put up with a whirlwind day and a half, being dragged all over the mountains to look at rocks and caves :D. They've just headed home recently- I'm gonna miss them :(.

My idea is- all my bunny friends should move nearby. NC/ northern SC/ southern VA/ Eastern TN.............it'd be great :D. So get to packing folks.

I picked up several animals for a friend who is wanting to ship some out to California. I've got to head outside in a bit and see what woolies I've got available, several folks are wanting to take a look in honor of the shipment. :) Exciting!

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