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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Website Changes

Well, I'm severely overdue on my promise to update the pictures on my website. *sigh* The rain is back, joy of all joys.

If you've been to the website today, you should notice there is one addition- WATERMARKS. I've gone through and watermarked a good deal of the pictures on there and will continue to do so.

Having recently come in to contact with someone who thinks a person should be FLATTERED to have their property stolen and used without permission, it really drove home to me that I should get on the ball with that. Couple that thought with the discovery of picnik.com, a FREE photo editing service online (thanks folks on RH!) and a rainy day- well voila! An updated website.

I also finally got up the nestbox page! Sadly, it's been almost a year since I had updated it, and the page didn't even make it over until last night, from the switch from geocities. Oops.

I think I may do away with the Results page. I just don't care to keep updating it- I have lately been posting results here on the blog, with top honors going on the front page of the website. I think that's sufficient, so expect to see that link disappear soon :).

I'll continue to work on updates, but I'm limited. I've been hoping to get beautiful, semi-uniform pictures outside of the bunnies, but we may have to settle for somewhat dim ones in the rabbitry, if things don't clear up soon!

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ThreeLittleLadiesRabbitry said...

Watermarking pictures is a great idea. We've tried many things to stop people from stealing articles and pictures from our site. Unfortunately, the dishonest seem to find a way. Watermarking would make it difficult to steal pictures!