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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Talking to the bunnies?

On Rabbit Habbit, an interesting topic came up-

One of the members admitted that she spoke to her bunnies, talking about anything on her mind from politics to the weather.

The interesting thing was she realized that she speaks to each bunny in a distinctive voice- some get baby talk, some get "valley girl accents" and others get something entirely different.

It got me (and other members) thinking- and I realized I do it too!

Barbi gets called by her nickname "Barbi Girl" and is spoken to in what can only be described as a coo.

Rory gets an exasperated but loving voice- he freaks out over getting constant head rubs and tries to leap out of the cage.

The babies all tend to get the same drawling "Heeeey bay-beees" speech.

It's there though- I never really noticed it, but I can recall a rabbit and instantly think of how I speak to him or her.

Devon was wondering if she speaks to her rabbits based on their personalities, certain physical features, etc. I know I speak to mine based on those great (and very diverse) personalities.

Aren't rabbits amazing? They can make otherwise sane people break out the baby talk.

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