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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Update on the situation


Ok, let's see- yesterday I found the 4th baby, which the Chestnut Foster Mom promptly attacked. When it became obvious the doe I suspect is the mother wasn't even going to pretend to have an interest in it, I braved the overly aggressive little doe's cage to add the 4th baby to the pile- giving her 9 to take care of.

Everyone was alive and if not fat, at least fed.

Thankfully my wooly doe Smoothie kindled two babies this morning. She's now also taking care of two of the mystery babies. Hopefully that'll go well.

I'm still waiting on Barbi to kindle- she's pulled SO MUCH fur, but her well built nest is beginning to look a little ramshackle. I'm hoping everything is going on. She's only 3 days over due so I'm trying hard not to freak out too quickly. I may try to induce labor today though. She's been very vocal and does NOT want me to touch her belly, so I haven't been able to palpate her to see what is going on.

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