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Saturday, June 20, 2009

I spoke too soon.

Got a call the other day that one of my does wasn't eating or drinking. Got a call the next morning that "she was eating and drinking a little". Got home, she's SKIN AND BONES. I got to looking at her, she's very swollen around her privates and she looks like she's got some urine scald. I gave a bit of Pen G and was going to clip the remaining hair from her butt to provide some relief when I saw them- MAGGOTS. Tiny, tiny little maggots are on her and crawling around.

I ran inside, got the Ivomec and applied half on her back and half directly to the privates, after washing her butt off. No diarrhea, no large poop mess in the cage, nothing that indicates this should be a problem.

So, we've got her inside. I gave her a bowl of water and she's so thirsty she's sneezing and spluttering in to the water because she's drinking too fast. I gave her a large dish of nothing but oats. I don't think she had the energy to lift her head up to drink from her bottle. She's also got hay.

I'm very frustrated and upset. This poor doe- she's at least drinking and has a little fight left in her, but... I'm not sure if she's going to make it.


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April said...

That scares me into not wanting to leave my animals in someone else's care ever again! I am really hoping this doe pulls through for you Keep.