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Saturday, June 6, 2009


It's hot today! Ugh. Tim picked up a ton of octagonal tiles at a yard sale for free, so I've put them in the freezer. I'll be taking them outside in a few minutes to the cages.

Poor bunnies, I worry when the heat starts- especially since we'll be going on vacation soon. Thankfully we've rigged up a fencing to keep anything from sneaking in the backdoor and I can leave it open to make a nice cross breeze when we're here. Now if I can just figure out something for one of the front doors that is animal proof, we can leave it open even more!

Keep's Rabbitry


April said...

On RH someone suggested a long time ago that they use water balloons for the bunnies. I filled up some this morning and will take them out to the rabbits at the heat of the day.

Keep said...

Water balloons? Will they not pop them?

Anonymous said...

Maybe frozen water balloons?
You could keep refreezing them, but I would be worried about the buns popping them too, even the cage wire could do it.