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Saturday, June 6, 2009

AOV Jr. JW Doe for Sale

I've got an 8 week old AOV Jr. Doe available- Keep's Sylva.

She's a promising girl, excellent depth, good width, promising wool! She's out of my GC 4th place Self Sr. Buck (Convention) and the mother to my GC 2nd place Shaded Sr. Buck (Convention).

She could use a bit more in her lower HQ and she's a little low in her shoulders right now. She is undeniably at her awkward stages though, so there is no telling how she's going to fill out. She was my POL doe 2 weeks ago, but I think I need her sister's HQ a little more sad.gif.

She's a "take a chance" doe- her mother is beautiful, her father is beautiful, her half siblings are beautiful and her littermates are beautiful. She definitely has the potential to produce better than herself. She carries REW. Has the potential to produce tort.

Will be headed towards the Conover area Monday, can meet you to deliver along the way

Keep's Rabbitry

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