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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I've got a ton of babies bouncing around the rabbitry and man, that feels good! I have two litters of woolies for a total of 12 babies still in the nestbox! I have 14 pre juniors or freshly weaned babies (not including the one I just sold today, hooray!) and I've got a fair number of does hopefully about to have more.

I'm so thrilled :).

My only problem now is managing the herd- I need to make some cuts to senior animals so I have room to grow out babies. I need to make cuts to litters- the hardest is going to be the Vixen litter and the Constant Comment litter- both are Jersey Woolies and the babies are gorgeous. Not to say I don't have other gorgeous babies, but wow, these litters really have style :).

I guess I'm saying, keep an eye out for sales lists coming up- I'm hoping to have some animals ready for the Night show in July.

Keep's Rabbitry


Susie said...

Keep, is there something different with your feed or regualr routine? I'm so happy you have babies now... I was sad when nobody was pulling through!

Keep said...

Nope! The only difference is it's Spring! I've had mixed success on putting the rabbits out in the sun (with shade and water of course)- sometimes they take, and sometimes they don't.

I'm just breeding like a mad woman right now, to try to get enough babies to see me through the dead zone again LOL!