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Sunday, June 28, 2009


I NEED SPACE!!! For once, I'm happily overrun with babies, so I really need some space.

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Hare's Mystic Moon- Smoke Pearl Sr. JW Buck- 11 GC legs.

Came from Susie. I'm willing to do a VERY, VERY good deal for anyone that wants him. I've got several litters out of him and I HAVE to get some cage space. He's a bigger buck.

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Keep's Dallas- JW Jr. Buck. Out of WWR's Constant Comment x Keep's Tryon. Very promising baby, 8 weeks old. I believe he will be a show buck. smile.gif

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Keep's Dusk- Black Jr. HL Doe

Unshown. Out of Keep's Barbi x Camelot's Gumby. She's got VERY nice lines. Very much in her uglies right now. She has nice bone, definitely not going to be oversize. I wish she had shorter ears and wasn't ugly right now. Needs to be worked with when posing.

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PET ONLY AOV JR Buck- very cute but will be pedigreed only on father's side (mom was full JW, I sold her without keeping a copy of the ped, doh).

Keep's Rabbitry

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