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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flystrike update

I had to put down the doe that had flystrike. There at the end, she was breathing and that's about it :(.


We broke down and ordered some Fly Predators. The fly strips and Rescue! fly trap are working, but they just can't keep up with the flies, especially since it's so hot we have to leave the doors open.

Hopefully they'll get here in the next few days.

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April said...

I need to research fly predators. I'm worried they would sting people (didn't you say something started bitiing/stinging last time you used these?).

Keep said...

Something did start biting us last year- I described it to my dad and he claims it was "biting flies". I'm wondering if perhaps the normal flies killed off all the biting ones, and then when the fly predators killed the normal flies, the biting ones survived? At any rate, they didn't show up the first month or two, so hopefully by only doing 3 treatments of fly predators, they won't be around this year.