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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ways to induce labor

I've been working with Barbi trying to get her to pass her kit.

In my panicked state, I remembered several helpful things to do, and forgot even more. So I'm going to post them all here. Most of these are to help stimulate contractions, so forgive me if I don't state that every time :).

Massage: A light belly massage can help stimulate contractions and get things moving along.

Buck: Put a doe in with a buck and allowing him to hump her (or her him).

Raspberry Tea: I'm not sure about the fresh leaves or the fruit, but Raspberry tea (I brewed it, cooled it and put it straight in the water bottle) is supposed to help.

Lavender: I'm not sure if this is the flower or the leaves. My instinct is the leaves, until I find out for sure, avoid using this one :).

Exercise: Let the doe run around on the grass.

Tums/Rolaids: Calcium is supposed to help boost oxytocin levels.

Oxytocin: Given as a shot.

Do you have any others? Definitely share!

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Karlie Ries @ Show Bunny Rabbitry said...

I have used Pepermint leaves (fresh) for does. I'm not sure about inducing labor but I know it does help with the labor in some way, I will have to look it up again.
Thanks for the tips!

Bunnygurl said...

Massage didn't work... HELP!

Keep said...

I'm sorry bunnygurl, it's best to email me- I don't often check for comments on the blog :(

purple_kangaroo said...

Peppermint is used to stop milk production, not to bring on labor